Balanced palates is the brainchild of two friends that don't want to ride the wave of an over-proccessed, stressed out and out of balance world. Great things can be found in going back to the basics, and that is the goal of this blog- to help us all find the balance we need so we can be successful in the avenues life takes us down. Balance between nutrition, exercise, and a healthy dose of soul food can tip the scale in the direction of happiness- and who doesn't need a little more of that with all the pressures we daily face? So here it is- what we hope can be a one stop shop for a little zen moment during your crazy day.

Alyssa Holbrook is the resident chef, rarely making the same recipe the same way twice! Her recipes are always a healthful combination of the necessities you will likely have on hand and the fun stuff that makes you peruse isles of the grocery store you never thought you'd visit. Due to her own experiences searching for the right nutrition for her and her family, she has found many ways to adjust diet that don't sacrifice the tastes we love. Her trademark is an abundant use of fresh herbs and a LOT of vegetables. She is an amateur photographer and a very happy homemaker with a hunger for using her creativity to bless others' lives. The love of her life is Dan, whose understanding and constant joy makes this blog possible. She loves mothering Milah, who is her mom's best friend.

Nikki Zirkle really likes eating Alyssa's food. Sometimes it makes her want to cook too. So when that urge hits, you'll know. Otherwise she provides the soul food that our hungry souls need to find peace smack in the middle of the chaos. She is the wife of superman and the mother of a feisty, tender, wild, ticklish toddler. She also likes to doodle and does some work for Sarah Perkins photography and design based out of Colorado.

We hope you enjoy balanced palates. 


  1. Thank you so much Laurel! It has been a delight to finally write down the recipes we love :) I love another avenue for creativity.